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Client Complaint procedure

This is the form you need to fill in if you wish to submit a complaint to Phoenix. For assistance in completing this form, please contact one of our customer support representatives at [email protected]. Please fill in the form and click on the “Submit Your Complaint” button below to submit your complaint right away and automatically to Phoenix LTD. Please be advised that the Company reserves the right not to accept complaints submitted by any other means or method (i.e. telephone, etc.). Complete, up-to-date and accurate information must be provided to Phoenix LTD for the purpose of investigating and evaluating your complaint. Please note that the complaint form below is indicative and non-exhaustive. Phoenix LTD may request additional information and/or clarification and/or evidence regarding your Complaint. In addition, Phoenix LTD may request that you re-submit a new complaint form if it believes that you have completed and/or falsified your complaint form. Phoenix LTD will endeavour to resolve your complaint on the basis of good faith, equity and taking measures consistent with market practices.

Phoenix LTD Client Complaint Form

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Contact Details for Complaints:
162, First Floor, Willow bridge Centre, Carl Cronje Dr, Cape Town, 7530, South Africa

Alternatively, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman of South Africa (FAIS Ombud):
If you are not satisfied with the Company’s final decision you may submit your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman of South Africa and seek mediation for possible compensation. It is important that you contact the Financial Ombudsman of South Africa within four (4) months of receiving a final response from the Company otherwise the Financial Ombudsman of South Africa may not be able to deal with your complaint. In the unlikely event that the Company was unable to provide you with a final response within the three (3) month time period specified above you may again contact the office of the Financial Ombudsman of South Africa no later than four (4) months after the date when we ought to have provided you with our final decision.

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