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Phoenix platform offers a variety of commodities that can be traded via CFDs, including energies (such as Brent or West Texas crude oil, natural gas, and coal), precious metals (silver, gold, platinum), and agricultural raw materials (soy, cocoa, corn, sugar). Take advantage of Phoenix's exceptional spreads, leverage, and other online investment services to enhance your personal online investment journey in commodity CFD trading.

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Commodity trading features


At Phoenix, you have access to over 20 commodity assets for CFD trading. This level of versatility is ideal for diversifying a trader's investment portfolio.

Easy access

Phoenix provides a fast and efficient way to access a wide range of commodity CFDs, which cover various financial markets such as metals, energy, livestock, and raw commodity products.


The world has around 50 significant commodity markets, where nearly 100 commodities are traded daily based on operational hours. This makes it a highly dynamic area of financial interest for numerous traders.


Phoenix advanced trading terminals ensure enhanced market performance along the trading way. Consistency, responsiveness, and high-tech software solutions maintain your trading focus.

Spreads flexibility

Traders can take advantage of flexible spreads and leverage on CFDs such as Brent, natural gas, silver, gold, platinum, corn, sugar, and more. These conditions create a favorable and enlightening trading environment for any trader to build and develop their own trading strategies.

Dedicated support

The professional support team at Phoenix ensures that traders don't get lost in the waves of trading. They work hard to guide traders through any confusing or uncertain situations and illuminate their way to success.

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How to trade commodities?

Commodity markets, regardless of the specific asset, are typically influenced by two main factors: supply and demand dynamics, as well as the economic and political situation. When it comes to agricultural goods, climate, and weather conditions must also be considered. Therefore, trading commodities requires careful and meticulous analysis as a top priority. Once the analysis is completed, traders can decide on the CFD asset (or several), determine whether to buy or sell, identify the duration of their trade position (long or short trading), and embark on a sea of trading possibilities with Phoenix's guidance.
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Discover possibilities of the commodities market with Phoenix

Phoenix offers several compelling reasons for traders to choose them for commodity CFD trading. Among the key benefits are flexible trading conditions that cater to the needs of diverse traders through a range of trading accounts. Phoenix also provides advanced technologies to help traders remain responsive and consistent, even amid market fluctuations. Furthermore, they offer an extensive education center that covers hundreds of trading topics to develop and enhance traders’ skills and knowledge in commodity CFD trading.
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Phoenix CFD offer for commodities

Symbols Description Leverage (UP TO)
BRENT Crude Oil Brent Cash 200 Buy Sell
USOIL.c West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil cash 200 Buy Sell
COCOA.f Cocoa US Futures 200 Buy Sell
COFFEE.f Coffee US Futures 200 Buy Sell
USCOP.f Copper Futures 200 Buy Sell
COTTON.f Cotton US Futures 200 Buy Sell
NGAS.f NGAS Futures 200 Buy Sell
SUGAR.f Sugar US Futures 200 Buy Sell
CORN.f Corn Futures 200 Buy Sell
SBEAN.f Soybean Futures 200 Buy Sell
WHEAT.f Wheat Futures 200 Buy Sell
UKBRNT.f Crude Oil Brent Futures 200 Buy Sell
USOIL.f West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Futures 200 Buy Sell

Dive into the oldest financial market

Commodity trading is a practice that has been around since ancient times, making it a long-standing and intricate process. It is crucial to note that trading CFDs on energy commodities requires extensive research on geopolitical factors while trading CFDs on soft commodities is closely linked to social and climate conditions. Regardless of the commodity asset CFDs you choose to trade or the trading strategy you are interested in, Phoenix is here to illuminate your trading journey.
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