差價合約是復雜的金融工具,由於具有杠桿性,存在迅速虧損的高風險。您應該考慮是否有能力承受虧損的高風險。 明白了

差價合約是復雜的金融工具,由於具有杠桿性,存在迅速虧損的高風險。 閱讀更多


如果您想向 Phoenix 提交投訴,您需要填寫這份表格。如果在填寫此表格時需要協助,請透過[email protected] 聯繫我們的客戶支援代表。

請填寫表格並點擊下方的「提交您的投訴」按鈕,以立即自動提交您的投訴給 Phoenix LTD。請注意,本公司保留不接受以任何其他方式或方法(如電話等)提交投訴的權利。

為了調查和評估您的投訴,您必須向 Phoenix LTD 提供完整、最新和準確的資訊。請注意,下方的投訴表格只是指示用途,並非詳盡無遺的。Phoenix LTD 可能會要求就您的投訴提供補充資訊和/或澄清和/或證據。此外,如果 Phoenix LTD 認為您重複提交和/或認為投訴表格有問題,可能會要求您重新提交一份新的投訴表格。

Phoenix LTD 將努力在誠信、公平和採取符合市場慣例措施的基礎下解決您的投訴。

Phoenix LTD Client Complaint Form

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Part II. Complaint Details

*Please provide below the name(s) of the contact person(s) of Phoenix LTD at the time of your complaint:

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Please attach together with this form any supporting evidence to your claim that will facilitate the Company's investigation of your complaint.

*I hereby certify and confirm that to the best of my knowledge, the information furnished above is true, accurate, correct and complete.

I acknowledge that Phoenix LTD will give proper notification about my complaint within five (5) days from the receipt of my complaint and provide me with a unique reference number. The unique reference number should be used in all your future contact with the Company, the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) regarding the specific complaint. We shall make every effort to investigate your complaint and provide you with the outcome of our investigation within thirty (30) days from today. In case additional information is required, you shall be contacted by one of our officers. If the Complaint is more complex and takes longer than thirty (30) business days to resolve, we will communicate the reasons for the delay. Please note that in order to expedite the investigation we require/request your full cooperation. Please refer to the “Complaint Info'' page for further details on the issue. *